Helping Riders (and runners) Realize Talent

HRRT is dedicated to promote and enhance the sport of cycling and cycling related sports; the development of cycling programs and events for youngsters, student-athletes and adults that connect & enrich our community through bicycle access, safety education, healthy lifestyle, competition and fun; and supports the development of a strong body, strong mind and strong character through cycling efforts.

HRRT will be recognized as a leader in offering recreational and competitive cycling leagues in a community atmosphere of friendship, encouragement, and respect, as well as offering skilled coaching for all members, regardless of age, ability or background. To be the community leader in promoting health, well-being and safety through cycling and cycling related recreation, fair and fun competitive experiences and activities for everyone. While striving for excellence, we will value all relationships and will treat each person with honesty and respect.

  • Promote the sport of cycling and the benefits of cycling as a healthy, low impact, outdoor recreational lifestyle
  • Promote athlete skills development, excellence, teamwork, professionalism and respect for the community and the environment
  • Provide leadership through example to establish fair rules of play and codes of conduct
  • Facilitate opportunities for people to develop their cycling skills and to progress within the sport by supporting team formation and competitive outlets for all interested members
  • Provide opportunities for all members to recreate and learn cycling within a safe and welcoming environment
  • Advocate for the environmental conservation of natural areas, mountain bike trail access, and development of sustainable trail systems
  • Create outreach programs for targeted populations
Club Values
  • Enrich our community through bicycle access;
  •  Access regardless of age, ability or background;
  •  Development of a strong body, strong mind and strong character;
  • An atmosphere of friendship, encouragement, and respect;
  • and fun.

  • Promote and Expand our "Elite" Athletic teams Mountain Biking, Road, Cyclocross, Triathlon and add an FTP
  • Continue to grow the Junior, New York High School Race League and Bike Belles (Ladies), teams
  • Continue to nurture a local sponsorship program
  • Showcase our athletes at sporting events through club support and HRRT podiums
  • Organize and support the Central Park race series including a nationally recognized New York High School Mountain Bike Race
  • Continue our support of establishing a Schenectady Central Park MTB master plan
  • Organize and support team recreational, training and competitive events
  • Develop NICA certified trainers and coaches
  • Support 4 Volunteer, Outreach/Community events

  • Developed a local sponsorship program as well as secured 6 nationally recognized team sponsors
  • Grew our Elite, Club and High School Mountain Biking teams and added Bike Belles (Ladies) team to the roster
  • Continued to work with the city of Schenectady to maintain Central Park (SCP) as a mountain biking recreational area with the the addition of a SCP race to the NY High School Mountain Biking Race schedule
  • More than 200 HRRT member podiums in athletic events throughout the capital district and nationally
  • More than 70 recreational, training and competitive events organized and supported
  • More than 20 events supported with a HRRT Rider's Station (a “base camp” for HRRT racers and team members to have a place to gather before and after the races – especially beneficial for new members)
  • Addition of a NICA certified trainer to our existing coaching staff
  • Three Intensive Training Weekend Trips
  • Four Volunteer, Outreach/Community Efforts