I visit tons of bike shops. Exteriors always look unique.

I always snap a photo before entering. It is my way of capturing the shop feel first impression.
I love when that fabulous bike shop tire smell hits me when I enter...but I also love when it may be something else...vanilla? A candle burning? Or coffee brewing..Or hoppiness... 

I love the unexpected. I embrace it. 

I see the days of the standard slatwall shops ending. Sure, some items are still only best displayed hanging on this type of fixture..but more and more shops are bringing in furniture from home, or repurposing industrial goods, or eliminating all fixtures and inventory is scarce..and the fixation is on service, and coffee..

No matter how you choose to present your store story..more and more shops are finding that stocking that little something unexpected to bring in clients..that lifestyle piece, or can't find everywhere product..might just be what you need to start a little buzz. Something to get the crowd chatting a bit, about have you been to .... lately...hey check this out, I got this at...

So that leads me to what I consider one of the best items I have stumbled on in a good while. Once I dug deep the story and location of production had me hooked! I have 48 jars in my kitchen...There is not enough bread! 

Welcome to Potlicker Kitchen.

Founded in 2009 in Stowe Vermont, by Nancy and Walter Warner,  Potlicker jams have received national awards & international attention. Their signature jam, is Beer Jelly. 

I originally thought that my deeply seeded mountain bike soul, and my love of hoppy beer had me the only one craving this Jelly after I first tried it. I was hooked after a sample at a farmers market and then found it was hard to find. I was convinced that mountain bikers, or road cyclists or just about anyone would love this jam..

So I did some research and I was right...

Bloomberg News: Spreadable Beer is a Real Thing... And It's Delicious.
"Vermont’s Potlicker Kitchen is leading the commercial-kitchen charge here in the States. The Oatmeal Stout jelly is the most intimidating, with its dark color and heady smell. But it’s actually sweet, and a lot fruitier than you’d expect. With sliced juicy figs and a cracker, it was delicious. On a tear of Brie, even better. The IPA jelly is similarly enjoyable. The grapefruit and tropical fruit flavors from the hops shine. It’s especially good globbed on top of a smear of soft, mild cheese like d’Affinois. The balance of hop flavor was spot on—as is this whole beer jelly idea in general. I was expecting thick goop that tasted like the bottom of a brew kettle, and instead I found a new addition to my party cheese plates. And, if I'm feeling saucy, my morning routine."

Food Loves Beer Magazine:
"We first met Nancy and Walter at the NYC Craft Beer Festival, and their beer-infused jellies left us immediately smitten. The jelly was rich and fruity with a blast of hop flavor and a hint of malt sweetness. We recently chatted with Nancy again, and she is as sweet as her delicious beer jellies. A food and craft beer lover after our own hearts, Nancy has succeeded in creating jellies that taste like beer; so much so, we almost can't believe our taste buds. When we finally stopped eating beer jelly with a spoon, we made Oven Barbecued Spareribs with Porter Jelly Glaze."

So, what else to do, but call Walter. I introduced myself and explained that I love his product. I went on to chat with him about the bicycle community, my love of wine and beer and next thing you know..we are chatting about his company, distribution, 2 small children and how I see the product being a great offering for gifts for bikers! 

So, with that, please take a look at Potlicker Kitchen. 

I see this as a great offering in your store for a conversation starter, the curious customer, a gift for a biker friend. The wife that gets dragged into the store..the choose local. 
This is not a risk, as the investment is small and the shelf life is 3 plus years. If your thinking of adding a product like this to your store selection, you can't hide it and it can't be placed next to the tubes. Think of this as a addition to a display..maybe near the register or middle of the store..possible in a basket on a bike with some flowers and fake bread. Maybe in your coffee bar area, with a jar able to sample. Note it does not need refrigeration. 
However you choose to display it, be sure to get a jar or two for your self for home...

Walter and Nancy are super easy to work with. No minimums to open, and good margin on product. Credit Card Payments. 
All items ship from Stowe Vermont and are guaranteed for freshness. 

Email us for dealer app and price sheet. 

Nancy and Walter would love to increase their distribution and I love to spread the word on a great locally made product with a unique story. I strongly feel that shops that bring in a product like this, make themselves unique from the typical Schwinn store down the road.