I drive an Impreza. I ventured into Subaru land last year after my Kia found itself stuck in a snowbank, after sliding backwards unable to climb a little hill. I love my Impreza, it has heated seats and a sunroof. 

This is not what I love most about it;  I love how it holds my gear. 

This car has so much room for my gear.  Snowshoe, Ski, Bike, Hike, Run, Stuck on the side of the road, Climb, Swim..its all in there. What else can you find? 

The "me" gear..the items that I have found that make my athlete life possible; my nutrition, chamois cream, supplements, favorite bottle, recovery cream, tired leg gel, favorite gloves, ride style money holder, after ride hat and favorite multi tool. 

We all have the "me" gear. Our best of best favorite things that we know how to use, how our body reacts to, and just live by. They simply our ride and make tomorrows possible. 

When I talk to a inspired cyclist, I lead with me. Do you?

It is an amazing opportunity to be at the head of the reigns when a inspired cyclist comes to you for education. The man or woman who walks in the shop and asks you for help. I am looking for...

This is your chance to teach, inspire and share your knowledge bank with this customer. You now outshine the computer, the reviews online and what the friends suggested, because you are in the shop, smiling, happy, experienced, ready, willing and eager to answer this question, but also able to talk about more items you love, and where you use them, and what you ride, and who inspired you. 

Sharing more than whats on sale, and common, but your athlete story and why you choose the product you suggest...

You are inspiration! 

Lead with what you love. If there is an item you love...STOCK IT IN YOUR STORE! Teach your staff about it- heck- gift them each one..and lead by example..sell with passion. 

In the Imprezza, driver side door pocket, you will find a bottle of "Muscle Gel" Sportique brand cream. 

I love this brand:

A super trusted product, hard to find, but quality. Its one of those items that I love, that I consider my secret weapon. 
I reached out to the Sportique team to let them know how much I love their product, asking for more exposure in the US, and next thing - we have teamed up!

Please let me know if your interested in more information on this brand.